March 4, 2018




Whether you’re a committed vegetarian or vegan, or you just like to go #meatfree sometimes, eating out with friends is often the hardest part! You don’t want to be ‘that person’ but can your squad really forget one more time and choose a steak only restaurant?


That’s why we’re proud to offer menu items that cater to a wide range of dietary and lifestyle choices that don’t compromise on taste. To save you the trouble of searching high and low for the deets we’ve listed the items that you can order and the simple steps you can take to customise your favourite Taco Bell item to be both vegetarian and vegan friendly!


Vegetarian? No problem.


Simply swap out the meat for our delicious black beans! It’s that simple! You’ll be enjoying a Grilled Stuft Burrito, Crunchwrap Supreme, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Cantina Power Bowl… you get it, the possibilities are endless, in no time at all!


If you have a sweet tooth, fear not, both our drool-worthy desserts are vegetarian!


Vegan? We got you too.


Our black beans and flavoursome Mexican rice are both vegan friendly, which means that ordering a vegan meal is as easy as…

  1. Substitute meat for black beans

  2. Ask to "Go Vegan" by removing sour cream, cheese and Nacho Cheese Sauce wherever necessary

  3. That's it! Literally.

For an even bigger burst of flavour, we’ve found a popular option is to add guacamole and when it’s not already included, it’s only $1 to add it! Who said the cost of avocado is stopping millennial's from buying properties?!? 😉


Check out the full menu here for the items you can be devouring in no time at all – www.tacobell.com.au/menu


So there you have it! The simple guide to ordering vegetarian and vegan at Taco Bell. Make sure you share your experience or your own menu hacks with us via @tacobellaus and #tacobelldownunder!




*It’s important to note that our kitchens are small, fast-paced environments where meat and animal products are prepared and stored. Whilst our staff take great care and pride in our preparation, due to the nature of fresh restaurant operations, it is possible that some cross-mixing of ingredients can occur.

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