December 19, 2018


 A key feature of our restaurants (besides our seriously cravable food) is the 'Live Más' wall mural that is designed and painted by a local artist! 

The mural at our Cleveland restaurant was designed by the talented Cassidy Dillon whose artistic style compliments the vibes of the peaceful bay side suburb! Learn more about her creative passion and of course a menu recommendation below! 


1. What sparked your passion for art and inspires your creativity?

For as long as I can remember I have always been obsessed with drawing, especially whilst progressing through primary school and studying art - it was my favourite subject. When I entered high school I slightly lost my love for drawing, but soon found it again when I was inspired by drawings I saw on Instagram. That's where I get a lot of inspiration from nowadays as well!


2. How would you describe your style?

My drawing style is known as Zentangle/Mandala artwork and has become increasingly well known over the past couple years, due to the popularity of adult colouring books. It includes very intricate detail and takes many many hours.


3. How does it feel to have your artwork displayed in a Taco Bell?

It's so awesome that I was chosen to complete the mural for Taco Bell Cleveland. It was such a great opportunity for me and it's so cool knowing that many people will see it each day, and I hope that they like it! Overall, I'm very grateful for the experience.  


4. What does Live Más mean to you?

I think that the Live Más slogan is so simple, yet so important. It sounds so cliché to say "live every moment to the fullest", but it is so true! Life really is so short, so it's important to do what you love and makes you happy, and for me, that is drawing. 


5. Tell us a little about the thought process that led to the design?

The design's main component is the words "Live Más", surrounded by tacos, avocados, palm trees, and of course, bells! I wanted to complete a design that suited the Taco Bell theme, but also stayed true to my style. The colours used are also true to the Taco Bell theme, consisting of lots of purple. Overall, the design seemed to fit well with Cleveland. 


6. Favourite Taco Bell menu item?

The Crunchwrap Supreme! It's so perfect if you're tossing up between ordering soft or hard tacos - it really is the best of both worlds.


We're so proud to be able to give local artists the opportunity to share their passions with their community and are continually blown away but the talent of these up and coming superstars! 



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