November 15, 2018




Once again, we put out the call for an up-and-coming artist to create a wall mural for our new Robina restaurant, which illustrates our brand philosophy of 'Live Más'. The mural was designed by current Billy Blue College of Design student, Elon Larsson, who we recently sat down with to find out a little more about the artist behind the mural...


1. What sparked your passion for art and inspires your creativity?
I’ve always been very passionate about art and creating ever since I was a little kid. I think I was hooked from the first time I laid hands on a crayon. I always like to have a few projects running to keep me creating. My inspiration comes from different things, usually from just being interested in a lot of different things and reading about them. Lately I’ve been really into 80’s movies and design. 


2. How would you describe your style?
I love to work with contrast, whether it is by colour blocking, mixing hard with soft, light and dark or bold and minimal. I am also a big fan of using bright colours, as you can tell from the mural. 


3. As a young artist, how does it feel to have your artwork displayed in Taco Bell?

It feels really cool that I’ve left a physical mark in Australia that will be here a long time, and that a lot of people will see it daily! I hope it brings inspiration to those who see it and maybe brings me closer to the local art scene. 


4. What does “Live Mas” mean to you?

Live Más to me means to make the most of the time you have here on earth. Do things your own way and make sure to appreciate the small things in your life. To me that means to take the time to create art, read books and ride some boards.     


5. Tell us a little bit about the thought process that led to the design?

I started the design just as I got back from a two week long surf trip, so naturally I was inspired by the ocean, surfing and the great outdoors. There really isn’t anything more inspiring than being one with nature. I wanted to bring that in to the design, as well as embracing that cool and relaxed vibe together with the bright colours. Lastly I decided to add in the tattoos to give it some extra edge and also a bit more of me. 


6. What does the future look like for Elon?

For the next year I’ll stay in Brisbane to finish up my design degree and continue doing some freelance illustrations. After that, who can tell where life will take me? So far Australia has been treating me great, so I might stay here even if I miss Sweden sometimes. I hope to one day work as an art director at a studio or just continue doing freelance design and illustration. 


7. Favourite Taco Bell menu item?

I’m always up for a vegan stacked nachos supreme. In my opinion, you can never go wrong nachos and guacamole!



At Taco Bell, we're proud to be enabling local artists to share their passions and talents with the community. So stay tuned for more local artist spotlights and if you have a creative talent, get in contact with us, we’re always looking to collaborate with up and coming artists in the local area.

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