June 27, 2018

Alright Brisbane. We know you know how to have a good time, but it’s time to up the ante and double the fun!


Now unless you’re a trained professional like the talented Pawson twins, we do not even slightly recommend attempting to parkour your way through Brisbane to achieve this. We’ve got a much simpler (and tastier) way – with the introduction of the Double Crunchwrap! We took our signature product, the Crunchwrap Supreme and doubled the layers of meat or black beans of your choice, double the Nacho Cheese Sauce and double the crunchy tostada shell (aka, all your favourite things about the Crunchwrap)!






So just to recap the layers in the Double Crunchwrap, that’s

  1. A layer of your favourite meat or beans

  2. A layer of irresistible Nacho Cheese Sauce

  3. A crunchy tostada shell

  4. Repeat steps 1 -3

  5. Top with sour cream, fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes

  6. Wrapped together in a toasted tortilla






Don’t start making your way to Taco Bell for one yet … the Double Crunchwrap will be available from this Saturday (definitely come in for one of our other tasty products before then though).


We promise to make it worth the wait with an all-day celebration, including a very special appearance by the Pawson Brothers at twin o’clock (1pm – 2pm) to meet you all and do what they do best! Mark it in your calendars!


And as if a Double Crunchwrap and double the parkour Pawson brothers wasn’t enough, we’re also doubling the amount of points you receive on all Double Crunchwrap purchases made with your Taco Bell loyalty app! (Don't have the app - download it now )


Triple the amount of double, just like how we double three of the best ingredients on the Double Crunchwrap. BOOOM.

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