September 12, 2018


On September 13th 2017, the news officially broke that Taco Bell was coming to Australia and for the entire year we have heard your begs and pleas for the OG Bean Burrito to be added to the menu!


One year on, and we’re here to announce to you that your prayers have been answered and the Bean Burrito is now available! Unlike Taco Bell though, the Bean Burrito is not here for good, and we only have limited stock available *cue tears*.


Now if you’re not a Bean Burrito advocate, and wondering what on earth a Bean Burrito is… Let us say firstly, don’t let appearances deceive you! This product is a true Taco Bell menu staple, one that has stood the test of time and continues to be a much loved product across the world!


The combination of refried beans, cheese, onions and sauce inside a toasted tortilla will warm your insides and find a special place in your heart that you didn’t know needed filling!

If you are one of the signatures on the Bring Refried Beans to Taco Bell Aus petition, then boy oh boy are you in for a treat! This is 100% the same product you’ve come to love from trips to Taco Bell USA, so it’s bound to evoke fond memories of the first time you tried the Bean Burrito and opened your tastebuds up to a world of possibilities.


The star of the Bean Burrito, Refried Beans are also available to be swapped as your meat option or added to any product so you can enjoy it in even more ways! However, making it available in every product, is good news in one sense, but bad news because there is only limited supply, so the more you eat, the less time it’s available for!


Now if you haven’t already stopped reading to make your way to Taco Bell to indulge in the Bean Burrito… Why not?! We can’t stress enough that there is limited supply!

We’ll meet you at the Bell!

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