An ode to Cheese

June 3, 2018

Cheese. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t fans. Shredded, melted, cold or warm, it’s delicious in any form.

And we’re not the only ones that think so, because somewhere, someday, someone decided that June 4th shall forever be recognised as National Cheese Day and we’re cheering.


Now, many will use this day as an opportunity to make cheese-related puns, but here at Taco Bell we understand the significance of cheese and we’re taking a moment to appreciate our cheese loaded menu items!



Nacho Cheese Sauce.

This one is really a no-brainer. It’s cheese, in liquid form! Warm and gooey, it instantly improves the amazingness of our tortilla chips or hot chips or any menu item really (fact provided by our resident Nacho Cheese Sauce lover, not officially verified).



Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

Potentially one of our favourites and for a good reason! It’s the staple Crunchy Taco (topped with cheese #obvs) inside fluffy flatbread, which is already sounding delicious, but the best part? It’s oozing melted cheese that holds the two together *cue the hallelujah chorus*


#TBMenuHack, add Nacho Cheese Sauce to your Cheesy Gordita Crunch. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced, and we’re drooling too much to be able to put the deliciousness into words. JUST TRY IT and you can thank us later.



Mini Chicken Quesadilla.

Combining cheese and chicken inside a toasted tortilla, this one will literally please even the fussiest eaters! Don't let the name fool you though, it is anything but inadequate. A Mini Chicken Quesadilla will fill that semi-circle shaped hole in your stomach you didn't even know was there and fill your heart with the satisfaction only cheese can give.



Cheesy Swirl.

Cheese. Tortilla. Mexican Seasoning.

The Cheesy Swirl really brings home the belief that the simple things in life can bring us the most choice. Even better, as part of our Snackaritos menu it’s only $2! So, it’s the perfect add on to your order to get your cheesy fix.



Still want more cheese? Don’t worry we got you! This was merely a sample. Check out the rest of our cheese loaded items on the menu here.


And for all you die-hard cheese fans, remember you can always add Nacho Cheese Sauce or any of our tasty cheeses to your order #cheeseoncheeseoncheese.

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