November 4, 2018



Let’s be real, first birthdays are more for the guests then the birthday boy/girl. With this in mind, we decided to make our first birthday about you, our wonderful customers by bringing you the sweetest party favour of all – Cinnamon Twists!


From today (Sunday November 4th) you can finish your Taco Bell meal with a $2 serve of deliciously moreish Cinnamon Twists… or just come for the Cinnamon Twists – no judgements, we’ll probably do that too!


The Cinnamon Twist is a simple and delicious dessert that will have you questioning what it really is – cinnamon flavoured prawn cracker or cinnamon sugar coated trivelli pasta? Try for yourself and let us know your verdict! One thing is for certain, they’ll have you coming back for more #cantstopwontstop


They’re only available for a limited time though, so make sure you get yours at Taco Bell Annerley or newly opened Taco Bell Robina for yours!

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